smokwawelski Joins Fun Run

As a show of support to our chosen partner charity organization, our entire staff will be participating in a marathon event which will be held on the 14th of March 2017 at the¬†Saskatoon Arena. The marathon is sponsored by our partner organization, the United Way Worldwide, whom we have partnered with in the last 6 years to raise funds for their cause, which is also our cause, now that we’re partners with them. Our focus on this event is maintaining a healthy lifestyle through sports and exercise.

The Fun Run 2K17 event is open to the public, and will be divided into different categories, namely: Beginners, who will run a total distance of 5k, Intermediate to run a distance of 10k and Advance who will run 21k. Registration will be held at the Saskatoon Arena Quadrangle on the day of the race, which will begin at 5am sharp. To register, please come an hour before the start to complete the registration process. Pre-registration can also be done online, just look for our contact page.

All participants will receive free running equipment, like caps and running attire, which will be provided by some generous sponsors in the athletic apparel department. Energy drinks will also be handed out at the starting line, and these are also provided by sponsors from the energy drink company, Cool-Ade. Finishers of the event will also receive finisher medals and finisher jerseys as well, as a token of participation.

This event has been a tradition at smokwawelski since we started joining 5 years ago. We believe that events like these deserve all the attention and support as it promotes a lot of positive things which we all should emulate and live by. this is a tradition we hope to keep for many more years to come, as a way to promote good health and to support our chosen charity at the same time.