smokwawelski is Most Promising Company Awardee

The proud team of is this year’s recipient of the award “Most Promising Company” given by the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This honour is a great addition to our ever-growing list of accomplishments as a collective group. The smokwawelski team is honoured that such an established group like the SCCI would take notice of our little contribution to the economy of the region.

The prestigious award will be conferred to our CEO Frank Kowalski, who will be attending the awarding ceremony to be held on June 28th, which is also the Anniversary of the Chamber of Commerce. Other member of the staff will also be present at the said event.

In an interview with CNN, Kowalski spoke at great length about how difficult is is to get a nomination for this award, let alone win the award itself. Kowalski said, “There are so many good up and coming companies deserving of this award, but only the best is to be recognized.” This is true, considering there were more than 100 nominees for the same award and only a handful were handpicked by the committee, one of which is smokwawelski.

Kowalski went on to say, “This award is a validation of all the hard work and sacrifice put in by the whole team. It finally paid off for us. We are grateful for all the support our clients and suppliers have given to us. We owe part of this award to them. But of course, most of the credit goes to our families, without whom we would be grinding down like uninspired cogs in a machine.”

In conclusion, Kowalski revealed, “This is a nice feather in our cap, but we won’t rest on our accomplishments. Instead, this should motivate us to work even harder and aim for higher goals. This will spell growth and success for our long term plans.”