New Developers Join smokwawleski

In an effort to keep up with the demands of our increasing clients and more projects in the pipeline, smokwawleski decided it is high time to shore up the workforce. There is an increase in the number of clients seeking our services and the current workforce is unable to meet all these demands. As a result, we welcome the newest members to our team, who will bring fresh talent, unlimited enthusiasm, and more fun workplace environment.

David Buchanan

The team welcomes our youngest Graphic Design Editor in David Buchanan. He is a graduate of Fine Arts at the Saskatoon State University and has previously worked as an intern at a local ad agency. David has a flair for the dramatic, and it shows in the sample artwork he has shown us during his initial interview. He will be working in the talent-laden Art Department and share his skills and expertise there.

David loves white water rafting and attending live concerts, especially of his favorite rock band, Rock of Aegis.

Leroy Stevenson

The athletic guy you’ll meet at the water fountain is Leroy Stevenson, a Junior Web Developer joining our web development team. He brings extra awesomeness to an already awesome core of talent and also brings a certain kind of charm that leaves the ladies swooning after him. He is a fresh graduate of Computing Mechanics at the Saskatoon Community College, where he finished his 4-year course in just 6 semesters. How’s that for awesomeness?

Leroy is a basketball fanatic, and roots for the Toronto Raptors of the NBA.

Jenna Long

Jenna Long is the newest member of our Quality Assurance team. She is coming on board as Junior Quality Control Engineer and will join the QA team this fall. She is a former Freelance Journalist who made a name for herself, and decided to go a different path, for the challenge it presents to her.

Jenna enjoys long walks in the park with her cute chihuahua named “Bellisima”.