March 9, 2017

About Us is a web design and web development agency catering to a wide audience online. We are skilled in many aspects of web design and development, from wire-framing to mock-ups, from prototypes to working models. We have over 20 years of experience as a team combined, and that means we have put in the long hours, mastered our craft, sharpened our skills, to become one of the most admired teams in the world.

You might begin to wonder, where did we get our name? That’s actually a good question. The name we chose for our group is actually from Polish folklore, Smok Wawelski is actually a legendary dragon known as the Wawel Dragon or Dragon of Wawel Hill. We chose the name because it is a known fact that dragons are the fiercest creatures, and this represents our philosophy as an organization.

The Wawel dragon looks out for any possible dangers to the castle of his master, the king. This is also our vision as a company, to look after the welfare of our clients, who we treat as our kings and masters who we wish to serve well. Since we started this company, we’ve had a long list of satisfied clients who have remained loyal to us through the years.

We hope to continue this tradition and help more people achieve their goal of having their own web presence and carve their own niche in the ever-evolving online world. Along with this, we hope to remain in this competitive business for a long time and help more people in the process, whether directly or indirectly.